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Precision 2D Vector Design for the iPad and iPhone / iPod Touch.

Make professional quality designs, illustrations and technical drawings on the move using your fingers at last!

iDesign has unique features which allows you to draw accurately with your finger not getting in the way or blocking your view.

iDesign Features

  • A universal app for both iPad and iPhone/iPod touch which adapts to the native screen size of the device.
  • Full feature compatible with XDesign for Mac when you need the traditional keyboard, mouse and large screen of the Mac.
  • An unobtrusive icon based visual and context driven user interface with a full screen board view
  • Designs list with preview thumbnails to save and manage design files
  • Toolbars and panels with easy access to frequently used functions for a fast work flow
  • Unlimited fast and smooth multitouch zoom with sharp and clear images

Standard Tools & Functions

  • Line, polyline, square, rectangle, circle, arc, ellipse, polygons, stars & path tools
  • Copy and paste selected shapes and groups
  • Group and ungroup shapes hierarchically to create complex designs
  • Edit points, convert shapes to path, close shapes, add and remove points, break, weld, explode and join
  • Keyboard input options for setting the shape attributes and dimension values
  • Precise rotation with ability to rotate at user defined center
  • Object alignment tools
  • Fill color and pen color swatches with opacity controls, custom RGB mixer
  • Stroke width, line style, line caps and corner join styles, arrow ends and dash patters
  • Text insertion with fonts, styles, sizes, paragraph alignments, multilingual, rotate/resize
  • Set a background image for tracing/marking over it
  • Insert images, copy, paste, move, resize and position them accordingly
  • Multilevel Undo/Redo for all edit operations
  • Undo/Redo individual points
  • Autosave for all operations to ensure work is saved at all times
  • Create multiple layers to organize & separate design components

Unique Features for Touch Based Editing

  • Offset handles for moving and positioning without your finger blocking the view
  • Nudge controls, allows precise movement of selected shapes or selected points
  • Delta transformations to apply incremental values by keyboard

Advanced Tools for Graphics Design

  • Advanced path editing options for corner, smooth and symmetric control points, straighten and curve segments
  • Text to path conversion
  • Boolean operations on shapes, unite, intersect, subtract, exclude
  • Freehand drawing, auto smoothened paths
  • Gradients / color blends

Advanced Tools for Technical Drawing

  • Circle and Arc tool based on center, start/end point, radius and angle of arc
  • Dimensioning tools, length as well as angular with customisable settings
  • Support for Feet+Inches+Fractions (U.S & older unit system)
- Architectural formatting option for Dimensions
  • Dynamic grid supporting feet, inches and inch fractions at different zoom levels

Units & Board Setup

  • Support for standard board sizes (A1 to A5, B4, B5, etc.) and custom board sizes.
  • Set a drawing scale
  • Full set of standard unit systems, Points, Inches, Feet, MM, CM and Meters
  • Unit aware Grid with customisable settings
  • Snap to grid, snap to object and points
  • Unit aware rulers

Export/Import & Print

  • Export designs to JPEG, PNG, PDF & SVG formats
  • Import SVG files (from email attachments and also via Dropbox)
  • Full iCloud support and automatic sync of designs between devices
  • Share your designs with other iDesign users via Email
  • Dropbox support for Export, Import
  • AirPrint Support for iOS supported wireless printers

Sample designs included with the app.

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